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Ever wondered how much time and effort you save by using a Javascript framework? Back in July I gave a talk at NDC Oslo called Lifestyles of the Rich and Frameworkless, in which I demonstrate how easy it is to build three common pieces of functionality from scratch - Templating, Databinding and Routing - and then tie it together in a simple to-do list application.

Each one takes about 15 minutes and about 70-80 lines of code. It's well worth a watch if you're curious about rolling your own javascript, or just want to understand more about the frameworks you use. You can check out the video here, or view the embedded version below. Code samples can also be found on github. Enjoy!

About this talk

Angular, Ember, Meteor, Backbone, the front-end framework space is a busy place indeed. You'd be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to start, but more importantly you're likely to miss an important alternative: to ditch your frameworks altogether and go it alone. It's not for everyone, but this approach can be valuable and rewarding - not just for you but for your clients as well.

This talk will cover all the basics you need to build a complete single page application entirely from scratch (well almost). Instead of getting bogged down in the pros and cons of framework use we'll demonstrate practical solutions to common problems, and even see how we can avoid some problems altogether.

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Pete Smith

Pete is a software consultant, speaker & writer living near London, UK. He started off with C# and Javascript, and nowadays likes to code in Scala. He enjoys running training courses and speaking at conferences. Sometimes he works on OSS, and one time he even finished something.

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